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Favorite Lance Henriksen movie.

What are some of your favorite Lance Henriksen movies? What movie made you a fan?

I have always been a Lance Henriksen fan since I was a young girl. My Mom is a huge fan of the Alien series, so she got me into Lance's work @ a young age. Though I was a fan, a couple of years ago I began to rewatch the Alien films and Lance really intrigued me as Bishop, so I started watching more of his films that I had never seen before. I think he's a wonderful actor. :) I'm very fond of him.

Some of my favorite Lance Henriksen movies include The Invitation, Aliens, Alien Vs Predator, Pumpkinhead, The Last Cowboy, Profile for Murder, Hard Target, Sasquatch Gunfighter's Moon, and of course Millennium. Along with many others I can't seem to think of @ the moment!
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