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The official Lance Henriksen LJ Community

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Hello & Welcome to the first Lance Henriksen community - Henriksen Daily. Here you can join other fans and post your love or fanship towards Lance Henriksen. Post anything from images and graphics to quotes, movie information or facts and trivia. Anything related to Lance is fine.

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1. No Flaming: Please respect every member on here. Treat them as you would be like to be treated. Do not start fights about what other members post about Lance. It's pointless.

2. LJ Cuts: Use LJ Cuts when you have more than 2 or 3 graphics to share. LJ Cuts are also used for if you post wallpapers.

3. Hotlinking: Please do not hotlink any pictures. Use Photo Bucket or Image Shack for your uploading pleasures.

Bishop from Aliens is Robotic artificial Love

This community is owned and runned by:

If you have any questions/comments or complaints about this community IM me @ AIM: Moonlight Mogwai or comment in my journal.